Naturalistic Route No. n.12 - CASTELLETTA - MONTE REVELLONE Print

From the castle to the castle of the count then a little 'of ... "Gymnasium".
Climb from the town, by the asphalt toward the pass. The look, immediately attracted by the elegant silhouette of Revellone, it follows the jagged ridge south-east and goals, just behind the twin Monte Murano, beyond the Gola Della Rossa , also slim and rocky, and then lie down on the verdant hills and cultivate diverse of Esinante. At the center of Revellone some very intriguing rock structures arranged in a visit which we advise to postpone at the return. Immediately after the cemetery on the left, cut for the round Cerreto until Falashieri, then, on the right, to trail off into the woods, ignoring the deviations on the left. In the open, for short and steep climb, you come up with some pursued to its low cross area of the summit. The view that is offered is remarkable for its beauty, vastness and variety. Going down, follow the asphalt parking area up to go, straight, with flat path, the second picnic area. We are at the gates of a harsh environment, observing with the nose upward. The entrance is with a small path that intersects the first ridge and then climb, steep and rugged. Pay very attention where you put your feet and..up. Here between a “pull”, “recovery”, “drops everythings” can drop a few stones. You never know!

The "Gymnasium"
Among Castelletta and pass a path leads to conformations clearly identifiable by the distinctive rocky cave in the center. A man, Leopoldo Cartoni, doctor in Castelletto, pioneer of climbing, lonely and courageous stars here his adventure climbing. Some of his students have collected the inheritance perceiving the validity of the place. The gym of Castelletta arises from the need to have available a structure embedded in a rocky mountain environment pleasant and with a easy access. Harvested and well-controlled space for climbing, training, exercises, testing materials, events. The gym was conceived and identified in 1976 by CAI Fabriano, when the very concept of fitness was very vague, both in the wilderness and out. It takes four years to fix, barring, clean and simultaneously "open" ten routes of varying difficulty. The gym is named in memory of "Poldo. Very popular and crowded, undergoes radical changes and additions over the years in particular, in '89-'90, through the work of the Alpine School CAI Ancona. Since early 2000, the CAI Fabriano no longer makes maintenance. Remains a small heritage entrusted to the care, prudence and good sense of all the climbers.

A brave pioneer: Leopoldo Cartoni

From the Apennines to the splendid panoramic Vall'Acera