Naturalistic Route No. 8 - LAGO FOSSI - MONTE PREDICATORE Print

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An itinerary for all seasons
The valley of Fossi is one of the many picturesque corners of the park. With behind the shoulder rolling hills, after having close few back the precious jewel of the Valley Scappuccia, manifested in front of the shadowy cloak of conifers which covers almost the entire western of Monte Predicatore. The lake and camping are enjoyable completion. The route is a short stretch of the Ring of Giano and offers many choices by combining, with each other, the two parallel runways that cut wide, with north-south trend, the top of the pine forest. From the lake, towards Case i Fossi, after 200 m on the right intersection with marker 107AG. The first comprehensive track turn right, cross a small wooden house on the right, just off the trail and, twists, climbs to meet the second wide runway. On the left, following the path that becomes flat. Northbound. Following an extensive cattle tracks, to turn, leads to the top of a pine and then in the deciduous forest, again pine forest and, with track on flat, still in the woods. In view of the pass, leave the trail 107AG for take, right, the path, towards south, which brings shortly to Monte Predicatore.

The shadowy cloak of conifers
Marche Region, traditionally devoted to agriculture, recorded a modest forest cover and in particular a great shortage of tall woods. For a third edifing by artificially pine built since the beginning of ‘900. Among these structures occupies an important position the pinewood of Monte Predicatore, in the municipality of Genga. Two flat tracks cross its for the entire length. Following them carefully you will see how the wood varies according to the altimeter. Just walking along the top track you will notice mountain forest species such as: Austrian black pine, white and red fir, pine and the beech. While down the track, you can admire Mediterranean pine such as domestic pine with the maritime pine and some cypress. The hike in the pine forest represents a new, challenging path that allow to admire one of the rare groves of tall trees the most important in the region.

Austrian pinewood.
The pinewood of Monte Predicatore, one of the oldest reforestation of the Marche, was involved twice, over the years, from the historical events that have marked the first half of last century. Designed in 1914, contributed to its realization of Austrian prisoners of the Great War. It is for this reason that the pinewood which was implanted during that period, using the work of those soldiers are cataloged by the forestry literature as "the Austrian pinewood”. In the 1944, during the occupation, German troops shot down 400 pines (CFS archive) to make telephone poles. According to Dr. Mannozzi Torino (inspector of forest that in 1962 he edited a publication on the oldest reforestation of Marche), those cuts were not destroyed because it occurred with selective method. Similar cuts for military purposes, were executed (1943) in the pinewood of Campodonico, near Fabriano. The scarcity of wood which came during the last war forced, besides, the Montecatini, owner of Cabernardi mine, to use other pines from which to derive "struts for mining" for arm the walls of the tunnels.