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Monte Revellone

This mountain stands at the south side of Gola della Rossa, in front of Monte Murano. Recognizable to the Cross erected on its top, with its 841 meters in height, allows you to enjoy an exceptional view, and it is still the goal of pilgrimage of Via Crucis gone on by the inhabitants of Castelletta.

To get on its top you must go out of S.S.76 near San Vittore and go towards Falcioni; it’s better to park the car here. Crossed the rail crossing and Pontechiaradovo, near the ENEL box, on the right you start to rise the path 108 towards the Eremo of Grottafucile, at whose ruins it’s interesting to stop. It’s an ancient rocky monastery, built in 1227 by the abbot San Silvestro, the founder of Congregazione Monastica Benedettina Silvestrina, in a place suited to quiet and contemplation. The hermitage consists of a dug in the rock and of a part made of limestone. At the beginning the little church was in the Gothic style, with one aisle without apse; the little monastery, of a quite circular shape, had a cloister, a well, and all those rooms typical of Benedictine monasteries. We continue our route taking the little path that starts just before ruins, and gets on the wide ridge behind the monastery; from this path you can enjoy the view on the central part of Gola della Rossa.
Continuing to rise you arrive to the plateu called “I Colli” , where there are remains of farm buildings. The path continues with a cartway towards Monte Revellone. At 600 meters of altitude you have to take the path 108B, that skirts the mountain on the left and you have to start going down walking sideways to reach the asphalt road that from the village of Grotte goes up to Castelletta.
You have to follow the road and it would be good to stop in the pretty village’s centre, that before was fortified. After walking along the village, you go up to the cemetery along the asphalt road (118AG) until the point where it is possible to go up to a dirt road on the right towards the top of the mountain. Crossing a forest of oaks and continuing for the bends of the road, you finally arrive to the panoramic flat space on the top of Revellone. From here you can go down taking the path 108A to the asphalt road and go towards the Esino valley still following a tract of the 118AG. After passing a quarry on the left, you can go down on the right in the direction of the village of Valgiubbola, crossing a grove. Without entering the village, it is possible to walk along it on the right. Going down through the fields, you must pass the big stone quarry and continue to go down following the path to the little village of Fontanelle and then to Falcioni.

The route requires a good bent for walk, although there aren’t many difficult tracts. It takes about five hours to cover the path walking with a no rapid step.