Traditions and events Print

Rassegna Nazionale “Teatro della Scuola”, April-May
In Italy, the theater of the school has found a landmark in the festival of Serra San Quirico. Founded in 1982, sees schools of every level and from every region of Italy present their theatrical realizations. The shows alternate with meetings with theater experts, entertainment, training for teachers, theater workshops.
During the festival the students and their teachers represent, but especially see: the south looks north, the east looks west of the peninsula in a fruitful exchange of experiences.

Il Paese dei Balocchi, last week of July
In this occasion the town of Serra San Quirico changes look for five days: thousands of children with their parents play in the streets and squares of the center, painting workshops, theatre workshops and food stands are prepared for the only purpose of rediscovering that hidden child that is in every single one of us.

Premio Internazionale d’Arte “Ermanno Casoli”, July-September
The event, organized by a well-known company that produces hoods and is located in the municipality, was created in order to reward and promote young contemporary artists. Over the years, authors from all over the world participated, and not infrequently later they became famous.