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Festa del Verdicchio, second weekend of August
This folk festival involves all the village and celebrate the famous Verdicchio that is produced in Staffolo (it’s for this reason that this territory is called “Colle del Verdicchio”). The food stands and the performances of the local folkloristic group and of the band make this event one of the most naturally traditional events of the territory.

Verdicchio d’Oro, third Sunday of September
It is a national food prize established in 1966; this event finishes the celebrations started in August with the festival. A meeting about Verdicchio and food takes place; the award ceremony takes place in the beautiful collegiata of San Francesco. During the different editions many important persons of culture, entertainment and journalism were given a prize.

Festival Internazionale del Folklore, first weekend of August
During this week the village is literally invaded…by other peoples! Groups in folk clothing coming from all over the world, and every year from different nations, enliven this quiet place with songs and dances that melt with the Marches’ ones, staged by the local folk group “Colle del Verdicchio”.