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This is the local version of lasagne. Vincisgrassi are made by several layers of puff pastry, stuffed with a meat sauce of minced beef with onions, carrots, celery, milk, butter, olive oil and other ingredients that change depending on the imagination of who prepares the dish.The delicacy of this dish lies in the taste relationship between the ingredients, already appealing before undergoing the final cooking, and irresistible in the harmonious fusion brought by the heat.

Between Serra San Quirico and Arcevia, there is a historic rivalry that is lost over time. Here are prepared the "Calcioni" typical sweet ravioli, baked in a crescent shape, stuffed with a filling of grated fresh pecorino cheese, sugar and grated lemon.
Calcione is the result of an unusual combination of the intense flavor of pecorino cheese and the sweetness of sugar.

Mais Ottofile di Rocca Contrada
This type of "maize" is so named due to the number of rows of grains on the cob. When the American hybrid varieties of maize were imported in Italy this variety was abandoned, remaining the prerogative of only a few obstinate peasants.With this reddish-colored corn, adequately stone milled to fully enhance the organoleptic characteristics, leaving in the flour all the parts of the grain, is produced an excellent flour for polenta. Poor dish, historically tied to our region, the polenta has always been related to the Marche region, hence the popular saying "marchigià magna polenta che la trippa te se allenta".