Sassoferrato Print
Sassoferrato Castle stands on a hill not far from the ruins of the Roman village of Sentinum. It is situated on the border of Umbria, near Monte Catria, and its territory is crossed by the river Sentino. Just near, in 295 a.C., one of the most important battles of the past was fought. In this battle the Romans defeated the Gauls “Senoni” and the Samnites. The name “Sassoferrato” derives from medieval Latin “Saxum ferratum”, a name that suggested the particularities of place: in fact the castle was built on a rocky outcrop characterized by the presence of iron ore. The village was the birthplace of many famous personalities, such as the lawyer Batolo (1314-1357) and the painter Giovanni Francesco Salvi (1609-1685), called "il Sassoferrato”.