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What to visit in Rosora
Palazzo Luminari PDF Print E-mail

Near the castle walls, in front of the Town Hall, is situated this elegant nineteenth century building, now a municipal property. In addition to the Tourist Office and the Sala della Giunta, here is possible to admire a photographic exhibition dedicated to the most beautiful sights of Rosora and a collection of replicas of wagons, tractors and other antique farm equipment.
In the basement of the building was set the municipal wine bar, excavated in the soft clay of the hill on which the castle was built, to which you descend through a fascinating gallery.



Church of San Michele PDF Print E-mail

This is a latin cross shaped church of the eighteenth century, which replaced the small church of San Michele, already mentioned in the documents of the twelfth century. Built using a part of the medieval city walls as support, inside is preserved a precious wooden crucifix of the seventeenth century considered miraculous, work of the artist Pier Domenico Nofrischi from Jesi, called "il Barnaro" (died in 1674 in Rosora). Among the other works, some deserve to be mentioned: a "San Giovannino", a painting attributed to Andrea da Jesi (XVI sec.), and "San Michele Arcangelo" (1820), by the painter Luigi Mancini from Jesi, who reproduced the famous work that Guido Reni (1575-1642) developed for the church of Santa Maria della Concezione in Rome.
Belonged to the church of Rosora, the beautiful painting depicting the "San Cristoforo" (XVI sec.), is currently kept in the Museo Diocesano of Jesi.



Town walls and the old gate PDF Print E-mail

Of the medieval castle, the massive walls (secc XIII-XV.) remain, in some parts it is possible to walk on them, in other parts are covered by houses. Just under some of them there is a characteristic passageway, covered by a barrel vault, which leads to the ancient entrance to the castle, the "old door". It was a gate-tower, as in many other castles of the area, and was then lowered and used as a home.
But the most characteristic and picturesque element in the town is the massive cylindrical tower with sloped base (reinforced by a sloped part of wall). The tower, probably dating from the fifteenth century, is curiously adorned with a strip of triangular shaped bricks above the base. The tower was connected to an imposing building in the top square of the town, which was used as a further strengthening of the fortification, truly remarkable for a small town like Rosora.






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