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What to visit in San Paolo di Jesi
The Old Town and the Civic Tower PDF Print E-mail

The oldest part of the town (XI sec.) gathers around the square, where is situated the church of San Paolo. Became a castle in the thirteenth century, when it passed under the control of the powerful town of Jesi, was then surrounded by new and larger city walls in the fifteenth century. The two parts of the town come together harmoniously and the old city is to appreciate for the care with which it has been maintained and restored.
Not much remains of the ancient defensive structures which, over time, have merged with the houses. On the outer city walls there is a door that was included in Palazzo Bassi (of which you can appreciate the elegant facade) during the eighteenth century. Inside, through the oldest door, you reach the main square, with the church and the civic tower in Borromini's style. It is perhaps the most graceful of the existing towers in Vallesina, and was built on a design by the architect Paolo Isidoro Capponi from Cupra. Its construction took place together with the building of the Town Hall, dating from the late eighteenth century, but was damaged by a lightning in 1973.



Wine workshop PDF Print E-mail

In a palace of the old town, near the town walls, is situated this important institution dedicated to wine, made within the project "Leader-Colli Esini". Inside are exhibited numerous and valuable wines and oils of Marche region, which can easily be tasted in a simple and comfortable atmosphere.


Church of San Paolo PDF Print E-mail

The ancient church was rebuilt in the late eighteenth century and some parts, like the facade, remained unfinished. The interior, well-lit, is in a sober baroque style. On the main altar is exposed a large painting depicting the “Vergine col Bambino, gli Apostoli e altri santi”(1620), by the great tuscan painter Cristoforo Roncalli, known as "Pomarancio" (1551-1626).
The church has also a finely decorated chalice in silver and gilded copper coming from the old church of Santa Maria d'Arco, attributed to Mastro Giovanni, goldsmith from Jesi (XVI sec.), and a marble and wood baptismal font of 1708. In the choir, above the entrance door, you can admire the organ built by the famous Feliciano Fedeli from Camerino in 1737 and restored in 1993.




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