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What to visit in Mergo
Town walls and castle's door PDF Print E-mail

Mergo still keeps the ancient town walls, made of irregular blocks of dark sandstone. Some parts are attributable to the end of the fourteenth century, but the whole circuit was restructured in the sixteenth century.
The walls have polygonal shape and do benefit of natural defenses; some sides of the castle were built overlooking the escarpment of the hill. Walking along the old patrol walkway you can find a mighty square tower and the gateway to the castle, well preserved. The ancient lookout tower above the entrance was turned into the clock tower and the drawbridge was replaced with a brick bridge, but there are still the old door hinges.


Church of San Lorenzo PDF Print E-mail

The church already existed in the twelfth century, and could be contemporary with the birth of the settlement. It was rebuilt from the foundations and opened in 1834, becoming later independent from the one of Sant'Angelo del Pino of Serra San Quirico, municipality that included Mergo during a very long time.
Inside the church there is a "Madonna del Rosario con san Domenico e santa Caterina da Siena", a beautiful painting by Ercole Ramazzani from Arcevia (1535 to 1598) and an artistic relic of 1759 which, according to the tradition, contains a piece of canvas soaked with the blood of the blessed Mattia Nazzarei from Matelica (1253-1319), in the past very revered in the area. It seems that during the movements of the body of the blessed his remains issued a sanguine mood, became a real relic for the faithful.




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