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What to visit in Genga

Church of Santa Maria Assunta PDF Print E-mail

This imposing building in baroque style was built in 1630 in front of Palazzo Della Genga, because the old church had become too small. Here he was baptized the future Pope Leone XII, pointed out at the entrance of the church by a bust and a plaque.
Inside there is the great altarpiece “Madonna col Bambino, san Clemente e santo Stefano” by the painter Ercole Orfeo Presciutti from Fano (XVI-XVII sec.), taken from the church of San Leonardo alla Lungara of Rome by Pope Leone XII and donated to his town; also the beautiful marble alter of the apse (XIX sec.) comes from Rome. In the side altars there are other interesting works by local artists, including two valuable paintings by Nicola Amatore from Belvedere Ostrense (XVII sec.), the “Immacolata Concezione” and the “Crocifissione”.


Museum of Holy Art “San Clemente” PDF Print E-mail

The ancient parish of San Clemente has become over the centuries the container of a large number of works of art, some important for Marche region art. Are included two paintings by Antonio from Fabriano, a triptych with the “Madonna col Bambino tra i santi Clemente e Giovanni Battista” (1474), and a double sided standard, which represents the “Madonna col Bambino” on one side, and "San Clemente in cattedra" on the other, a work full of pictorial and decorative late Gothic style. Very interesting then is a painted earthenware altar, depicting the “Madonna della Misericordia con san Domenico, san Clemente e i Misteri del Rosario” (XVI century).
Many are the paintings by an unknown author, including a “San Gerolamo” (probably by Antonio from Fabriano) and a small "Crocifissione" painting (fifteenth century). The museum also keeps the “Madonna con il Bambino”, work in marble attributed to the great Neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova (1757-1822), coming from the "little temple" of Caverna di Frasassi.


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The Castle of Genga PDF Print E-mail

The castle was born perhaps in the tenth century and was a fief of Della Genga until the early modern age, as if the time in this mountainous area had stopped.

The ancient stronghold of Genga, which unfolds with elliptical shape across the top of the hill, is small but very interesting. It is entered through an arched door, once fortified by the presence of a nearby tower and the drop of the land on which the fort is perched. The buildings are made of white and pink limestone, giving the castle an austere but graceful look.
On the main square there is the ancient palace of the Della Genga, the most significant element of the castle. Today the palace is the seat of the Municipality and the Consorzio Frasassi, the consortium that administers the famous caves.





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