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Leaving the castle and going in the direction of the road for Rosora and Serra San Quirico you arrive at a crossroad, with the ancient church of Santa Marciana in the middle. On the opposite side stands the massive Palazzo Borgiani (XVII-XVIII sec.), family that owned also the church in the past. The church and the palace are still private, and the main floor of the house keeps the frescoed halls of considerable charm.
Continuing in the direction of Serra San Quirico, after entering its territory, on a hill on the right of the road there is the church of Santa Maria delle Stelle. Its present appearance dates from the thirteenth century, but probably its origin is of two centuries earlier. The plan of the church is rather rare in the Marche region: it has the shape of a T, also known as "croce immissa" shape. Outside you can admire its essential shapes and the portal with capitals carved in geometric patterns and animals. The interior has two altars of archaic appearance and some inscriptions relating to the ancient restoration of the church.


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