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Valley and hermitage “dell'Acquarella”
The valley "dell'Acquarella" is a very interesting  natural and historical landscape, placed above the village of Albacina, which can be reached by a very charming but quite challenging path  (1 hour and a half).
The site can be accessed more easily by the road that from Cerreto goes up to Poggio San Romualdo, offering aerial views of the valleys of Esino and Giano. Immersed in the beautiful forest that covers the slopes of the valley is the medieval hermitage church of Santa Maria dell'Acquarella (XIV-XV secc.), where in 1529, gathered the first general Chapter of the Franciscan monastic order of the Capuchins. The church is set against a warning tower, which was used to control most of the upper valley of the Esino, being part of the defensive system of the castle of Albacina.


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