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Below the town there is the Cesano river valley that marks the border between the provinces of Ancona and Pesaro-Urbino. Fertility and comfort of the ground still make this place an area of extensive agricultural use, as it should be in Roman times, when the city of Suasa was founded here. At Pian Volpello, near the rural chapel of San Vincenzo, you can take a dip back in time, in what is one of the most interesting archaeological parks in the Marche region.
Archeological Regional Park “Città romana di Suasa” - Musan.it - www.progettosuasa.it
Since 1987 the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the Soprintendenza Archeologica per le Marche (Archaeological Superintendence for the Marche region), has launched a research program in the area where the ruins of the mighty Roman amphitheater were visible. The excavations have thus gradually allowed to identify the trade forum, some sepulchral areas, the theater, the old paved road on which was based the whole the settlement of the city of Suasa and, above all, of the Domus Coiedii.
This was a rich house owned by the family of senatorial rank of Coiedii, extending over about 3000 square meters, which reached the moment of its greatest splendor in the early decades of the second century AD. Of this period are most of the mosaics found in it, restored and arranged on site. Protected by a roof that follows the path of the interior compartment for housing, you can walk along the ancient corridors to admire these floors, among which stands out the one of the banquet hall (oecus), made with over fifteen different marbles.
In front of the domus there is a wide square, identified with the square of trading forum, a sort of old market square. Here the guided tour, enriched by reconstructive panels, helps to understand how the center of a Roman city was.
Behind the domus is the amphitheater, one of the largest buildings for shows of the Roman period in the Marche region. Inside are organized shows during the summer season.

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