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Naturalistic route 6 - Not just mountain PDF Print E-mail

If the previous tours, although simple and quite short, are especially recommended to lovers of hiking, there are many other possibilities for healthy and relaxing walks in the nature, accessible to those who are not trained.

Remaining in mountain area and inside the Parco Naturale della Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi, near Cerreto d'Esi there is the valley "dell'Acquarella", that gave the name to an hermitage which is located near the road that from the town goes up to Poggio San Romualdo.
Valle ed Eremo dell’Acquarella
Approaching the border between the Apennine and the hills, we can immerse ourselves in a walk in the woods below Cupramontana, where there is the Eremo dei Frati Bianchi with its protected floristic area.
Eremo e bosco dei Frati Bianchi

On the opposite side of the Esino river we find the paths that climb the hill to Rosora, crossing a vegetation with many species of small animals.
Paths of Rosora

A little more to north there is Arcevia, in which territory is possibile to take many paths. But the most instructive visit for a lover of nature can be made in the center, where the park "Giacomo Leopardi", as a true botanical garden, offers the opportunity to know both common and rare tree species, properly reported through labels.
Garden "Giacomo Leopardi"



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