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The Marche’s XV century

In the first half of XV century spread the style definied International gothic, that has got in two Marches’ masters Gentile da Fabriano and Lorenzo Salimbeni from San Severino Marche, two important protagonists in Italian and European art. Unfortunately, no work of Fabriano’s master remained in loco, however there are the paintings and frescos of those artists who, in the second half of XV century, worked in the territory, under the influence of Gentile: for example the Master of Staffolo and the Domo’s one, painters of whom identity still isn’t known.
Deserves a particular mention Antonio from Fabriano, an important painter who introduced in the territory Renaissance and Flemish elements, how it is possible to see from the paintings of Genga.
In Marche the Gothic style lasted longer than in the other provinces; for this reason at the beginning of  XVI century we still find works that seem dating back to XV century.

To take this tour you can start from Staffolo, village from whom took his name the unknown Master who leaved in Sant’Egidio church a polyptych. Other works produced for this territory are attributed to him, but only a few of them are still in the territory, conserved in Fabriano’s picture-gallery (Pinacoteca di Fabriano).
• Chiesa di S. Egidio

In the neighbouring village of Cupramontana, works in Gothic style dating back to the late XV century and the beginning of the XVI’s one can be especially admired in the church of San Sebastiano of the group of houses of Poggio Cupro, but a piece of a fresco is conserved also in the church of San Lorenzo, and there is still a painting in the church of the abbey of Beato Angelo.
• Chiesa di San Salvatore di Poggio Cupro
• Chiesa di San Lorenzo
• Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’abbazia del Beato Angelo

You must go from Cupramontana to Serra San Quirico, to the group of houses of Domo, that is located on the right bank of Esino river, on the top of a hill. Here the church of San Paterniano conserves a precious set of frescos and a triptych.
• Chiesa di S. Paterniano

From Domo you have to go down to Vallesina and take the S.S.76 to go, in the direction of Fabriano, to Cerreto d’Esi. Here in the little museum made out of inside of Antica Farmacia Giuli it is possible to admire a standard of Antonio da Fabriano.
• Raccolta di Opere d’Arte “Antica Farmacia Giuli”

From Cerreto you have to come back for some kilometers, make for Grotte di Frasassi, cross the homonymous gorge and go up to the castle of Genga. In the museum that is inside the ex-church of San Clemente are conserved four paintings dating back to XV century ; at least two of them are of Antonio from Fabriano.
• Museo d’Arte Sacra “San Clemente

The last leg of our tour is one of the castles that belong to Sassoferrato, the castle of Coldellanoce, that conserves a work of Matteo from Gualdo.
• Chiesa di San Lorenzo di Coldellanoce



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