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Monte Murano

To reach the views that it is possible to enjoy from the top of Monte Murano you can start from the old town of Serra San Quirico, and exactly from the road on the left of which that was the church of Santa Maria del Mercato, just outside the walls of the castle.
You have to take the path 143 that leads beyond the last houses of the village, where there is an open space. The path, initially protected by a fence, it’s large enough and goes up with large bends. Soon you arrive to the place called of Prati di San Bartolo and you have to cross the road that leads in this place, always following the path 143. Continuing the ascent, now steep, after a few hundred meters you pass the ruins of an old farmhouse first, then the cross with the path 141. You go up inside the forest still following the main path, that first turns right and shortly after turns left. The forest consists especially of deciduous, among which are most represented Carpino nero and Orniello; in spring the underwood is full of flowers such as campanula, primrose, violet, and cyclamen.
You arrive to see the ruins of Case Marcellini. Here the tour turns suddenly left and the path 143 becomes a steep dirt road that leads to the top of Monte Murano.
For the inhabitants of Serra San Quirico this mountain was…explosive! Not because it was a volcano, but because, away from prying eyes, the inhabitants produced gunpowder and explosives. In some plateau and caves of the mountain it’s still possible to see the conic holes, called mortars, where this kind of activity took place.

The way has a medium-low difficulty. It takes about a hour to go up to the top with a no rapid step, and another hour to come back.



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