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Home Itineraries Itineraries by theme Naturalistic route 2 - VALLE SCAPPUCCIA
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Scappuccia valley - View in Google Maps

This path allows to discover a hidden corner, a valley almost lost in the mountains but just a few steps far from the road. To take the path (almost a loop trail) you must go up to the castle of Genga and take the road towards Rocchetta. Near Capo la Villa, you must leave the car and walk into the village to the path that climbs the mountain. After about three hundred meters of ascent, at a crossroad you have to go right and take a beautiful path that through the thick forest, goes down the valley. Reached the valley floor, you have to follow the stream to the right until you reach a rock wall that closes the valley. Through an hole in the rock, formed in remote times as a result of the erosion of the stream Scappuccia, you exit the valley to return on the road. From here, going up to the right, you can go back to the village of Capo la Villa.

For lovers of walking and fatigue, we can suggest a more structured and long route. This starts from the junction Pandolfi, under the castle of Genga. From here you take the old road to the castle behind the hotel Magrini, the path 107. Climbed up the concrete stairs placed below the car park outside the walls of Genga, you have to take an easy trail on the left that leads to the town of Monticelli. After walking along it, you have to take the path that goes up to the mountain through the woods until you reach the pass that separates Colle Bertone and Monte Piano. Following the route 107, just before reaching Capo la Villa, you find again the loop trail previously described, and you have to turn left.

The loop trail has a medium to low difficulty. Should be easy to walk in about an hour. If you decide to start from below Genga, the difficulty is just higher and it takes at least 2 hours.


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