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Into the Gola di Frasassi

One of the most interesting geological aspect of the Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi is the presence of the spectacular gorge dug during millenniums by Sentino river in the lime-stone of the Jurassic age. Here there are many Karst-formations, with subterranean complexes considered among the most beautiful in Europe; moreover there are a lot of fossils (especially ammonites). In addition to the famous and spectacular Grotta del Vento, visited every year by hundreds of thousands people, in the Park there are many others Karst cavities, such as the Grotta della Beata Vergine (that before was called Caverna di Frasassi) and the one of Mezzogiorno; the both are reachable through panoramic tours easy to go and immersed in the nature. Moreover the tour allows to know better some important historical and artistic aspects of the territory.
The tour in the gorge starts from the famous Grotte di frasassi, the bigger hypogeal complex in Europe between them yet found.

• Grotte di Frasassi

The tour continues going up the Caverna di Frasassi, now called of the Beata Vergine because of the presence of the homonymous temple ordered by Leone XII.

• Santuario della Madonna e Caverna di Frasassi

Coming back towards San Vittore Terme, you can go down along the stream Sentino, that can be partly covered by feet, to see the spring of sulphureous water that originated in this area the thermal treatments.
Arrived at San Vittore, a naturalistic tour must certainly comprehend the museum in the ex-monastery of San Vittore, where it is possible to know the natural and geological history of the gorge, by means of panels and fossil remains, among which the huge and very rare of the Ichthyosaurus one.

• Museo Speleopaleontologico e Archeologico

Ended the visit of the little village and after ate, to reach a place from which it is possible to see all the area of the gorge, you can pass the ancient bridge over Sentino river and take on the left the path 139 that, through some comfortable bends, leads to the entry of a pine-wood. Here the route crosses the path 117, that from now we have to follow turning left. Reached a pull-in, the street becomes a path. Further, we cross a ditch and we continue until on the right we meet with a little path that leads to the Grotta di Mezzogiorno. This cave, inside which also important archeological remains have been found, is rich in fascinating cavities. To explore them you must have a very good speleological preparation.
Continuing our route on the left, the main path steeply rises to the forest to faces the Foro degli Occhialoni, from which we enjoy the spectacular view of Gola di Frasassi below. This “window” on the gorge  is what remains of a bigger cavity, from which many tunnels still branch off. From here we can rise on the left to the forest until we face the Gradoni, stairs engraved on stone that lead to a ridge sheer to the gorge. This last part of the route is quite difficult, also because the soil is friable. For this reason it would be better if only skilled excursionists gone this way.

It is possible to do the route during a day. The lower part of the route is easy to do and it is not necessary to be skilled excursionists. It is important instead to pay particular attention to go up the Foro degli Occhialoni and especially the Gradoni, and it is better if only skilled excursionist do this part of the route.


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