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museo piazza

The project “Museo Piazza Infrastrutture e Servizi per la valorizzazione dei beni, storici, artistici, culturali e ambientali del territorio” is part of the project Museo Piazza of Comunità Montana dell’Esino Frasassi funded under the 'Accordo di Programma Quadro' called Beni Culturali signed between the Marche Region, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry for Cultural  Heritage and Activities for the enhancement of the territory. The regional initiative, with interventions supported by technological innovation, aims to develop the system in various museums, often excluded from the tourist route even if there are preserved valuable artworks and artefacts.  Through the regional portal of culture www.cultura.marche.it you can access to the portals of the provincial museums, for the Provincia di Ancona www.musan.it, where is possible to find information on the artefacts kept in regional museums.

The project of Comunità Montana aims to complement and complete the framework of cultural and naturalistic heritage of the territory of the municipalities involved in the initiative, and encourage the development of the territory by taking steps to disseminate new technologies at the service of citizens for enhancement and preservation of environmental, historical, artistic and cultural heritage.


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