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The most important activity of this territory, in terms of use of human and financial resources, has always been agriculture, especially the cultivation of the vine. The characteristics of the soil made this village one of the most important producing of “Verdicchio D.O.C. dei Castelli di Jesi”.
This wine has a particular pale yellow color, and it is indicated for every moment of the day, for the aperitif but it is also a table-wine. It is especially indicated with white meat, mushrooms, truffles and, of course, with fish. There are different types of Verdicchio : from Classical one to Passito.

The oil of Staffolo is appreciated for its very low degree of acidity, its high nutritional value, and for its particular fruity flavor. The most diffused types of  olive in this territory are: Leccino, Frantoio, Carboncella, Mignola e Raggia.

The apicolture is widespread since ancient times, and handed on from father to son with wisdom and passion.
Honey is produced in respect of nature, without heat treatment, to obtain a pure and natural product, with unchanged organoleptic characteristics. Thanks to different processings is possible to obtain types of honey with different consistence and flavour.



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