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The territory of Staffolo offers evocative opportunities to walk in the nature. Not far from the castle there is the country carefully cultivated by man , but you can also find ancient signs of the popular religiousness, that the faith has preserved from the century rolling by.

Route 1
Going out from the castle and making for San Paolo di Jesi, along the street there is the church of Santa Maria della Castellaretta, built in the second half of XVI century by the inhabitants of Staffolo just returned from the battle of Lepanto (1571). During this battle the Christian Holy League defeated the Ottoman fleet. As the name suggests, in this place there was an ancient castle, on whose ruins it was built the church. This one was enriched by the veterans of the battle against the Turkish under the town walls of Vienna (1683).
The church is a little jewel of Baroque art, fully adorned with fresco paintings and refined stuccoes.
Paintings of the vault and apse are by Domenico Valeri from Jesi (1701-1750); inside a beautiful ciborium there is a fresco painting representing the “Madonna col Bambino” (XVI century), venerated by the veterans. Behind there are very ancient inscriptions (1270) that remind the sculptor Jacopo from Cingoli; the altar is decorated with a wooden frontal made by the shop of Scoccianti from Cupramontana (XVII century). On the walls of this “war shrine” there are some vexilla taken away from the Turkish.

Route 2
Making for the cemetery and going to the river, we arrive to the church of San Francesco al Musone. The church was built in 1796 by a family from Staffolo as ex voto for the “miraculous” healings attributed to the water which still springs from a fountain located inside the building.
According to tradition to this fountain drunk San Francesco and his faithful friar Egidio, during the preaching along the path towards Ancona in 1210. In the walls inside the church there are many evidences of a popular devotion that lasted until today.


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