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Probably were the Benedictine monks of San Silvestro to introduce the working of the oil in the region of Serra San Quirico. The oil is considered an important component in the traditional food of the Marche region and in the area crushers and mills still are the evidence of an age-long activity of production of  high quality olive-oils.

Cakes and Calcioni
Here the link with the culinary tradition is still very strong, and sweets are the most immediate example of this. Each event has its own cake: on 2nd of November we enjoy the "fave dei morti", in the Epiphany the "Pecorelle", at Easter omelette with mint and Calcioni.
For "Calcioni" there is a historic rivalry between Serra San Quirico and Arcevia, to determine by whom they were invented. Calcioni are sweet ravioli, baked in a crescent shape, stuffed with a filling of grated fresh pecorino cheese, sugar and grated lemon.
Calcione is the result of an unusual combination of the intense flavor of pecorino cheese and the sweetness of sugar.


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