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The municipality of Serra San Quirico stretches on the right bank of the river Esino, climbing the steep mountains. This route allows you to discover one of the most beautiful romanesque abbeys in the region and to enjoy wonderful views of the Appennines from the castles.

Abbey of Sant’Elena
According to the tradition, the abbey was founded by San Romualdo between 1005 and 1009, and it is located downstream of Serra S. Quirico, along the Esino river. Already in the twelfth century, this could be considered the most important monastery of Vallesina, with estates in the areas of Senigallia, Camerino and Osimo.
Sant’Elena is a vast Romanesque-Gothic building, which belonged to the "camaldolese" order, which looks almost like a fortress. Its present appearance dates 1212, as a tombstone in the chancel witnesses. It has a high facade with a bell tower and a portal in stone, with geometrical motifs and animals in bas-relief.
The exceptionally austere interior is still intact, with three naves divided by six high and mighty pillars. Magnificent capitals of different shape adorn them, rich of a repertoire made of geometric symbols, human figures and a medieval bestiary among the most evocative of the Marche region.

The adjacent rooms of the monastery and the garden are, since some years, the ideal place to host weddings and catering services.

Castle of Domo
Perched on a rocky spur, because of its position (a little defiladed from the existing routes of traffic) has preserved its medieval aspect. The town has an almost triangular shape and is surrounded by a reinforced wall. Crossed the old gateway to the town, you are in a square dominated by the church of S. Paterniano.
Built between 1473 and 1474, the church is a rare example of Renaissance architecture, with an elegant decorated portal. The bare interior is enriched by the many votive frescoes of  Marche region school(XV-XVI centuries), which include a "Crocifissione" and an elegant "Madonna col Bambino", influenced by the painter Lorenzo d'Alessandro from San Severino. But the masterpiece of the church is the beautiful triptych depicting the "Madonna di Loreto tra san Paterniano e santa Lucia", dating between the seventh and eighth decade of the fifteenth century and attributed to a not yet identified Maestro di Domo, a painter probably from Fabriano .

Castle of Rotorscio
Is the old medieval castle of the Counts of Rovellone, took in the fourteenth century by Cardinal Albornoz and then, after various events, took by the Stelluti-Scala. Of it remains some trace of the forts, the church of San Sebastiano and a recently restored sixteenth century building. The location is excellent, both as a military fort and as a panoramic point. Only at the beginning of the 1800's it became part of the municipality of Serra San Quirico, while the population now lives mostly in the near center of Castellaro.


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