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Leaving the town and going towards Ponte Magno and the abbey of Sant'Apollinare, after a few hundred meters, on the left you can see the elegant church of Madonna della Misericordia. The church was built in the late fifteenth century and in it are preserved the remains of a fresco, very deteriorated, attributed to Andrea da Jesi depicting the "Madonna della Misericordia" (1521) with the people of San Paolo under its cloak. Currently the old painting is hidden by a copy of the painter Corrado Corradi from Cupramontana (1894-1963), commissioned due to the deterioration of the original fresco.
Continuing the hike in the countryside around the small town, you may run into a curious and rare geological phenomenon, the little mud volcano (Vulcanelli di fango). In contrada Battinebbia and in contrada Fonte this natural phenomenon, caused by the presence of methane in the subsoil, has been repeatedly observed. The gas causes the rise of mud and salt water escaping from small holes in the ground, which may take the shape of a few centimeters tall cones.


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