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Festa della Sapa, third weekend in October
This event is dedicated to one of the most distinctive products of the tradition of Marche region. The Sapa is a beverage derived from the prolonged boiling of must and is used as a condiment, sweetener, or to prepare mustards.
The festival takes place in the enchanting atmosphere of the cellars of the old town and is an excellent opportunity to learn the traditional dishes such as Polenta with Sapa, and taste all the desserts and recipes prepared with this ancient ingredient.
During the event, in the last years has taken place the representation of the historical marriage of Clementia, the daughter of Domenico di Angelo, called "il Moro della Genga", occurred in the fifteenth century. This character would have given its name to a locality, Croce del Moro, also called Tassanare.

Festa in Campagna, first weekend of September
It takes place in Tassanare (or Croce del Moro) and it is a festival created to aggregate around the table the inhabitants of this area.
In recent years the festival has been, however, characterized by the exhibition, and in some cases even amateur competition, tied to everything that has two and four wheels: 4x4 off-road, autocross, motocross, mountain biking, quad. It seems to be on the set of a film with daring stuntmen, also with international champions. Do not miss the exhibition of vintage tractors, the competition of the most skilful digger and the one with the skid loader. Meanwhile, radio controlled planes and kites cross the sky.


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