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How to reach us
Our headquarters is located in the town of Serra San Quirico (AN) Resort Saint Lucia, 5 Via Marcellini.

Reach us is easy for those who reside in the territory of Montana community and, for those coming from further afield, we have made available one more service.

The map below describes the boundaries of the protected area views on alternative (map, satellite, terrain).

Click on icons for more information (perimeters and locations under development). You can find information about our office and the houses of the park.


Amministrazione trasparente

Portale dei servizi

Unione Montana dell'Esino-Frasassi

Unione Montana dell'Esino-Frasassi


Portale Turismo

Portale Turismo


Frasassi ' Caves

Frasassi-Le grotte

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